Netflix’s Jeffrey Epstein Documentary Series FILTHY RICH Trailer is Here!

 Jeffrey Epstein

Netflix has released the trailer for its new documentary series Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, which plunges into the life and world of Epstein exposing the money, power, and mysteries behind the international sex trafficking ring that led to Epstein’s 2019 capture and eventual death in a prison cell.

The four-part series comes with the interviews with Epstein’s victims as they explain their experiences on his private island, which was also known as “pedophile island,” as well as his Palm Beach residence. The series will also give us an in-depth dive into the 2008 case where Epstein managed to avoid a life sentence by making a hidden plea deal with the government.

Federal officials knew 36 underage girls who Epstein had sexually exploited and solicited for prostitution during the case, but he only served 13 months of jail time, which is pure insanity! It’s absurd that he got away with that! Then in 2019, he was caught again on more charges of sex trafficking of children, but this time he died in jail. His death was ruled a suicide, but a lot of people think he was really murdered.

Epstein is connected to a lot of high profile personalities in the world which include President Donald Trump and former President Bill Clinton. We don’t know if the series will examine the connections with these people, but the trailer does make it very obvious that Epstein did not act alone, and that none of his associates have been held responsible for what they have done.

The series was directed by Lisa Bryant, written by Peter Landesman, and executive produced by Joe Berlinger and best-selling author James Patterson.


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