Netflix’s NARCOS: MEXICO Season 2 Trailer is Here

Narcos: Mexico Season 2

Netflix has revealed a new trailer for the Narcos: Mexico season 2. This new trailer looks intense and I am sure it will be better than the first season.

In Narcos: Mexico season 2, “Félix must cope with the U.S. and the consequences of his actions against the DEA while facing discontent within his organization.” The new trailer didn’t reveal the story, but it’s called“Party’s Over” and it stages a Last Supper-style dinner with Félix at the head, and he is accompanied by many guests who are having guns.

The narrator of the first season of the show, who is played by Scoot McNairy is also said to return in Season 2 after showing up in person as the season ended as Agent Walt Breslin, “a grizzled DEA agent who plans to escalate the drug war south of the border.” He narrates this trailer as well.

No one stays on top forever. And no one is untouchable.” Felix should be careful and watch his back because it seems like many of the gang members are going to want to take him out.

Narcos: Mexico Season 2 will stream on Netflix on February 13, 2020.

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