Netflix’s The Toys That Made Us Trailer


We all spent our childhood watching cartoons and it’s those cartoons which made us what we are today.! We all spent hours playing with action figures of our favorite movie and TV characters and making our own missions and adventures with them and this generation is missing out on all that imaginative fun, kids these days just want to do everything on a screen.

Netflix is releasing a new documentary series called The Toys That Made Us. The eight-episode series will take us on a nostalgic journey giving us a breakdown of the history of some of the popular toys like He-Man, Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Barbie, and many more. It includes interviews with many collectors and historians of toys as they talk about the toy brands and their immense success.

Toys were brilliant in olden days and they were available in a wide variety to complete our imagination! Nowadays most toy companies don’t make such badass action figures anymore. Some of us still collect toys just to keep our inner child alive. We all have so many brilliant memories with action figures and toy cars and board games.

I am a fan of toys from the past and this is why I am very excited about this new series. Check out the trailer below.

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