Netflix’s UNSOLVED MYSTERIES Volume 2 Disturbing New Trailer is Here


Netflix revived the classic ‘80s series Unsolved Mysteries and it is awesome. The first season of the show was excellent, and it’s so great to see how into it people are and how information to help solve some of these mysteries have been coming in.

The trailer has just been released for Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2, and it shows off the new six mysteries that will concentrate on tsunami ghosts, stolen kids, a lady in the lake, the Washington Insider Murder, a death in Oslo, and a death row fugitive.

The second volume of Unsolved Mysteries is set to air on October 19th. I wish that we got more than six episodes in a season. The website receives tips related to the stories covered in Unsolved Mysteries, which a team looks over and gives it to authorities if considered credible.

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