New Blair Witch Video Surfaced!


More than two years after her disappearance in Maryland’s Black Hills Forest, a new clue has emerged that could help uncover the truth behind what happened to Lisa Arlington. In May 2014, Arlington went missing alongside her documentary crew as well as the subject of the documentary, James Donahue. Donahue was the younger brother of Heather Donahue, who herself went missing in the Black Hills in 1996.

Her footage was infamously recovered and released as a feature documentary, The Blair Witch Project. Naturally, Arlington’s disappearance has created quite a lot of speculation about who or what might be responsible. Now, a new video has been posted to YouTube that could tie the mystery to the Maryland folklore legend.

“Now that people are starting to wake up and join the search for truth, we felt it time to share one of our darkest secrets,” writes the uploader, identifying him or herself as Dark Truth301. “Our friends and fellow hactivists, known as darknet666, originally posted this in April 2014 when they found an old dv tape in the Black Hills Forest (Frederick Watershed), Maryland. Within a month, they’d gone missing in those same woods and the video was mysteriously DELETED as part of a COVER-UP. We recently “acquired” the file from our friend’s computer. THIS IS WHAT THE AUTHORITIES DON’T WANT YOU TO SEE.”


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