New Captain America 2014 First Image

Captain america 2 2014

Completely missing the perfect opportunity to announce yesterday, “CAP 2 COMING IN EXACTLY 2 YEARS!”, Walt Disney Pictures and Marvel Studios have released a press release that have broken through the mystery of the 2014 Marvel movies that has been running for months. Captain America 2, starring Chris Evans, will arrive in theaters on April 4th, 2014.

The film has no director at the moment, though it’s expected that original Captain America director Joe Johnston will not return as he’s just signed to do a thriller titled Not Safe For Work; though Johnston has expressed more interest in making a Winter Soldier film and explain what happened to Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan).

The press release confirms that the film will take place in the 21st Century. As Nick Fury is mentioned by name, it’s expected to co-star Samuel L. Jackson. The screenwriters of the first film have revealed an interest in having ’40s flashback scenes. So far, there only remains one mystery Marvel movie set to be released May 16th, 2014.

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