New DOCTOR STRANGE Poster Will Full Look at Benedict Cumberbatch

Doctor Strange

Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange supposed to be dark enough to be considered a borderline horror movie. Stay tuned for more on movie news from this week’s presentation at San Diego Comic-Con, but a fan on Twitter has tracked down a new poster for the movie that hasn’t officially been released yet to tide us over until then.

That’s one of our best looks yet at Benedict Cumberbatch in full Doctor Strange regalia, with the Eye of Agamotto hanging prominently from his neck. The Infinity Stones have played a big part in Marvel movies leading up to this, and the Eye is almost certainly going to be the Time Stone, one can only wonder if Thanos will make a brief appearance in this movie or if he’ll end up acquiring the stone at some other point before the two-part Infinity War movies begin. This will be awesome to say the least.

Doctor Strange

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