This New Egg-Farming Game Can Be Your Next Addiction

Egg Inc.

Egg Inc. (available for Android and iOS) is a game I downloaded to my Apple iPhone 6S, I was bored and looking for some fun game and my god this is fun! It appeared as a decent distraction to fill my disconnected time from the world. This is one of the intelligent and best-designed mobile games I’ve ever played in a while or after I stopped playing Hay Day, even if it doesn’t require a great deal of skill or thoughtfulness from the player. It just wants me to give a damn about my chicken farm and to tend to it regularly. And it rewards that loyalty with gloriously, endlessly escalating numbers and upgrades.

It comes with a lot of cool things, it has drones, its advertising is entirely optional and unintrusive, and its in-game purchases don’t feel at all necessary to complete it. In fact, using them would probably weaken the sense of accomplishment that stems from maintaining a farm over the course of various days. Once you reach the higher levels, you’ll need the endurance to see the farm grow over the course of more than a few minutes. My way of playing it was to just bash out a few flock of chickens every time I had some free time. It was a stress relief game, you should give it a try if you are looking for a good pass time and an intelligent game to challenge you.

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