New ‘F9’ Trailer Takes The Cars To Space


The first trailer for F9 released two important revelations about the ninth installment in the Fast and Furious franchise. First, John Cena would be playing Jakob Toretto, the long-lost younger brother of Vin Diesel’s family-minded Dominic Toretto. And second, Sunk Kang’s fan-favorite speedster Han is back from the dead, with his appetite for snacks and drifting still intact. So what’s left for the new trailer to tease? Try over three minutes of oversized car-smashing action that’s going to spill off the big screen when the film opens in theaters on June 25 — finally ending its coronavirus-caused delay.

It’s notable that F9 is opening in multiplexes nearly 20 years to the day after the original Fast and the Furious sped into theaters back in the summer of 2001. And during those two decades, the franchise has escalated from street racing thrills to the superhero-level spectacle. Tyrese Gibson’s Roman can’t help but call attention to how far they’ve all come. “Y’all ever thought about the wild missions we’ve been on?” Roman remarks in the F9 trailer. “We’ve taken out planes, trains, tanks. I’m not even going to think about the submarine! And now we’ve got cars flying in the air.”

It’s only fitting that Roman and frequent foil Tej Parker (Chris “Ludacris” Bridges) are glimpsed in one of those flying cars. And director Justin Lin teases that the duo may be breaking the final frontier that the Fast franchise has previously left unexplored: outer space. “I’m on the phone with scientists, learning about fuel and physics,” the filmmaker recently told The Hollywood Reporter. “It was great, having the scientists on the other line going, ‘Wait, what? What are you trying to do?’ I love it.”


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