New G.I. JOE Toys Revealed At Hasbro Fan First Friday

G.I. JOE Toys

At the recent Hasbro Pulse Fan First Friday, the company revealed the G.I. JOE with 5 new figures. First, we have two new figures in the Classified Series which will be released on July 1.

Check out the Heavy Artillery Roadblock which will be available for $19.99 that features the classic character standing 6” tall. Pre-orders are now available on Amazon.

This is not it, The other Classified Series figure is a two-pack of Snake Eyes & Timber: Alpha Commandos which you can buy for $39.99 with pre-orders going live on June 10. The classic ninja will stand 6” tall and it will come with his wolf as they’re brought to the modern era.

Then we have figured as part of the Classified Series Special Missions: Cobra Island line of toys. The Major Bludd figure was revealed on social media before the event, but he was revealed once more during the Fan First Friday.

You can buy him exclusively at Target for $19.99 now. Then, on July 1, Alvin “Breaker” Kinney will be releasing with RAM Cycle for $39.99. Finally, Gabriel “Barbecue” Kelly will be available on August 1 for $19.99. All of the figures fit in the 6” scale and come with accessories unique to the character.

GI JOE Classified Series CI Breaker - Image 2.png

GI JOE Classified Series CI Breaker - Image 1.png

GI JOE Classified Series CI Major Bludd - Image 2.png

GI JOE Classified Series CI Barbecue - Image 1.png

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