New Gadget Allows People To Kiss Each Other Using Their Phones

Kiss Each Other Using Their Phones

It’s not uncommon for technological advancements to push boundaries and bring new innovations to the world, but sometimes they can also take things to ridiculous and bizarre levels. A recent example of this is the invention of a smartphone product designed to help couples who are physically separated share a virtual kiss using their phones.

According to a report in the South China Morning Post, the remote kissing device was developed by a Chinese university student named Jiang, who created it as a way to maintain intimacy with his long-distance girlfriend. The device works by plugging paired smartphones together, and users can then use human-looking plastic lips to mimic and transfer a kiss to their partner’s phone.

While the concept of a virtual kissing device might seem absurd to some, there are undoubtedly people who will be interested in this technology. However, it raises questions about the future of human intimacy and whether technology is really the solution to our problems.

At a cost of around $38 per device, it remains to be seen whether this invention will become a commercial success, or if it will simply fade away as a quirky novelty. Regardless, it’s a reminder that the world is constantly changing, and that technology can bring both positive and negative consequences to our lives. As always, it’s up to us to use it wisely and responsibly.

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