New Horror Movie Coming MEET JIMMY is About a Killer Podcast


Paramount Pictures has plucked up the rights to a horror short film called Meet Jimmy, It is like a mashup of The Ring and A Nightmare on Elm Street. The story basically about a killer podcast.

The short film, which was created by Dutch filmmakers David-Jan Bronsgeest and Tim Koomen, “revolves around a mysterious podcast that once listened to, has horrific consequences.” Here’s the synopsis for the short:

Meet Jimmy is about Jennifer, a young woman who is listening to a podcast about the notorious serial killer Jimmy TwoFingers.

He killed his victims by putting their fingers in their throats and letting them gag … until they suffocated. Despite the warning at the beginning of the episode (“They say you can tap the killer in person”), she turns on the podcast while she is waiting for her in a laundromat.

Slowly she gets the idea that Jimmy knows that she is listening and that he has influence on the environment in which she finds herself …

Bronsgeest is set to direct the film and Shawn and Michael Rasmussen will write the script along with the short’s original writer, Koomen.

Check out the video that features some clips from the horror short.

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