New iPhone 8 Leak Reveals Apple’s New Problems

iPhone 8

Apple’s iPhone 8 looks remarkable. In fact is it arguably the most significant update in iPhone history, but that only means the latest news is only going to make excited users angry…

Two major new sources – Mac Otakara and the Royal Bank of Canada – have this week said the iPhone 8 release will be significantly delayed with the former also stating color options will be reduced and one massive feature will be canceled.

Looking at Mac Otakara first, the site says the iPhone 8 will not ship until the first quarter of fiscal 2018 – which for Apple translates as October to November. It believes the white color option has been scrapped (which ties in with my recent exclusive about the redesign) and Touch ID has been canceled as it won’t be included in the power button and the chances of its inclusion in-screen “seems to be low.”

The last of these will be of particular alarm to iPhone fans, especially since the alternative would be a first generation facial recognition technology called ‘Face ID’. Something Apple needs to prove is as quick, convenient and secure as the much-loved Touch ID – especially in testing conditions like low light, bright sunlight or when wearing sunglasses or contacts, a number of which defeat the Galaxy S8.

Further on the misery is the Royal Bank of Canada as analyst Amit Daryanani agrees with Mac Otakara saying: “Based on incremental supply chain data points that suggest a more pronounced OLED iPhone delay…we think the flagship device may not see initial shipments until October with volume shipments not occurring until the November/December timeframe.”

This would lead to a potentially chaotic pre-Christmas rush and likely result in third party sales of the iPhone 8 going for thousands of dollars. That said the iPhone 8’s jaw dropping price rise may dampen enthusiasm among some users.

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