New LG Flexible OLED Displays Unveiled

New LG Flexible OLED Displays Unveiled

The new LG OLED flexible displays are created entirely from plastic with no glass to break so there will be no more bendgates or broken phone screens. They will have the same brightness, energy efficiency and color reproduction that you would expect with a glass display on a smartphone or tablet of today.


The OLED Display website explains a little more about the new design :

“The current bendable OLED lighting modules (F6BA40, F6BA30) are thin glass based and can only provide a limited bending of 75 mm. The new completely flexible plastic based panels increased the bending radios flexibility to 30mm which also eliminates the danger of the panel shattering when excessive force is applied.”

LG is currently in the process of providing engineering samples to partners ready to take their new OLED flexible displays into production. Although no information on pricing or worldwide availability has been released as yet.

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