The New MACGYVER Has One of The Stupidest Hacking Scenes of All Time

MACGYVER new hacking

The old show was quite over the top but, come on it was in the olden days, and back then everything was possible even helicopter (Air Wolf) can reach to the speed of sound. but the new MacGyver series was bad — monumentally bad, It is so bad that you will see someone hack a computer by hitting it with a hammer. No, this isn’t a joke.. this is real life in that show. Check out the hilarious video below which will make you cry at the end with laughter.

I’m going to assume the video below this text will be deleted since it’s on Reddit and CBS doesn’t want its shame to spread, so they’re gonna have it taken down. In anticipation of that, here’s what happens:

A scientist is explaining what he needs to do to “hack” a certain computer.

A girl in an orange jumpsuit, presumably some kind of convict, runs up and smashes the computer with a hammer.

Convict: *holding up the hard drive of smashed computer* “Why interrogate a convict when you can just look inside her brain? We’ll scan the data as ‘read only’ and then search the disc image to extract the key.”

Scientist: *shocked and in awe* “Bypassing all the logic bombs…”

Convict: “I thought you said this was going to be hard?”

*MacGyver smirks in approval*

Guys, there are no words for this. Don’t get me wrong, the original show was campy…but it never reached these levels of stupidity.

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