New MW2 Clip Reveals Ghost Perk and Suppressors Are Totally Useless


Ghost has always been an important Call of Duty perks category, critical to players’ success in games by staying off the radar. Connected with a weapon suppressor, this made a stealth class that was to be stressed by everyone, being hidden to the minimap at all times, except when absolutely stationary.

The omission of a classic minimap has continued to rail long-time Call of Duty fans, who are used to using suppressors to decrease the power of a gun in exchange for being low-key and having the Ghost perk provided to avoid enemy know about unless you’re being penalized for using a strong and loud gun.

Instead, Modern Warfare 2 has continued the recent trend of counterintuitively with the re-design of the minimap, suppressors, and Ghost. But if you thought that the Ghost had been nerfed before, now, new evidence shows that it is absolutely useless.

After discovering that the classic minimap has been left behind yet again, players fast found themselves confused as to why enemies would know about their location on the map. Having Ghost-equipped should keep you off the map even with a UAV up, and a suppressed weapon should also keep your location concealed.

Well, content creator “JackFrags” has done some digging and found that the Ghost perk gets totally overruled by silenced gunfire and will let you to be discoverable on UAVs and Heartbeat Sensors.

This action has never been seen in Call of Duty before and has clearly been added to the game on purpose, rather than a bug, considering the Infinity Ward Trello board has not detailed a new hotfix.

JackFrags’ video finds that the only time when Ghost is effective is when you are both moving and not shooting your weapon at all, even if it is suppressed, while a UAV is active.

So it now seems that the only use for Ghost is to just run around without being on the radar, so you might as well pull out a white handkerchief rather than your M4 next time, as shooting will only override the whole perk. Slightly weird for an arcade ‘shooter’.

Gamers might now want to look elsewhere in their Ultimate perk slot, with Quick fix being good for engagement-heavy players and Overclock establishing helpful for people who rely on Dead Silence.


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