New Plex Discover Feature Will Let You Browse All Your Streaming Services

Plex Discover

Plex has made a new feature to help manage all your streaming services allowing you to browse all your streaming services from one app. Allowing you to make a universal watchlist or search for a specific TV series or film you would like to watch across all your streaming services subscriptions.

“Ahhh the app dance. You know the one—where you sit down with the best intentions of watching a movie but after 30 minutes of pin-balling from one streaming app to the next you finally surrender the remote and fall asleep to Seinfeld…again. If this familiar routine gives you the icks, you’re not alone. Not long ago, we stumbled onto this amazing fact: On average, viewers in the US alone spend over 600 million minutes every single night trying to figure out what to watch. “

“Today, we’re proud to be launching an entirely new section of Plex, focused on discovering, searching, and personalizing movies and TV shows across virtually any streaming service—whether it’s Plex’s own free movies and TV, or your other subscriptions like Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, and as many of the various personal media libraries you have access to. As of today, Plex searches personalizes, and organizes all of your content, no matter where that content lives. Now, when you log in on any of our major platforms, including Roku, Apple TV+, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, iOS and Android mobile devices, smart TVs, game consoles, and the web app, you’ll get a new welcome screen that will invite you to customize your preferences.”

Source: PTV

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