New Poster for WORLD WAR Z

A new poster for director 
Marc Forster’s zombie apocalypse drama World War Z has landed online. Movie got some fresh take on zombies which was always missing when we saw a Zombie movie always armies missing they are already dead or good for nothing everything wiped out just zombies and some survivors back to basics kind of doom day scenario, But in this movie they showed power took place and showed what happened if govt stayed functional how weapons used and agencies should work kind of in the middle of all the zombie movies the sheer destruction and fast paced action showed in it never shown before in any zombie movie that makes this one Special .

Brad Pitt in all his glory you can see in this new poster of him how he is assessing damage.  The film stars Brad Pitt as a United Nations employee who traverses the globe in a race to stop a growing zombie pandemic that threatens to put an end to humanity.  This new poster highlights the sheer enormity of the pandemic, giving the audience a good idea of the epic scope of the film.  Steve recently saw some extended footage from the pic and sat down with Forster for an interview, and the filmmaker said that more than a zombie film, he wanted to make a global film about a global crisis.


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