New Project Ara Smartphone Demo Video Released

Project Ara Smartphone

The Project Ara modular smartphone has been designed to enable users to upgrade and change components as and when required. For instance if you need a larger capacity battery for the next day few days you can swap out the standard battery and insert a larger capacity module.

The same is available for other areas of the smartphone as well allowing you to upgrade the hardware without the need to recycle the complete smartphone, as well as add various sensors, night vision cameras and more.

The latest concept of the Project Ara smartphone development has been codenamed Spiral 2 and is very close to a final release says Paul Eremenko, Project Ara’s lead. Engadget was able to get a hands-on demonstration of the latest concept and explains:

“Project Ara’s latest prototype includes a slew of improvements and changes over Spiral 1, the previous iteration. For one, the electro-permanent magnets that once held the modules in place are now on the endoskeleton itself — the core piece of metal that is at the heart of the Ara.

This, Eremenko says, leaves more room for additional modules. Google also announced that it has added 3G modem functionality and an analog RF bus to the endo that’ll let the company attach antennas from multiple modules to the same modem. There’s a new pollution sensor, too.”

There is still no information on pricing or worldwide availability has been released as yet Google for their Project Ara smartphone.

Source: Engadget

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