New Red-Band Trailer For GOTHAM Revealed Bane!


Bane appears in Gotham and in preparation of the episode “I Am Bane” coming next Thursday, Fox has released a new red-band trailer for the hit TV series that puts a focus on the evil character, who is being played by Shane West.

The new trailer is packed with new footage and myself is a fan of the show and I am super excited about this new character to reveal. The trailer starts out with a recap of Bane’s origin as a past military operative named Eduardo Dorrance, who comes in to help his old friend Jim Gordon clean up the streets of Gotham before the government restored order.

It was later revealed that the person who sent Eduardo into Gotham had some alternative plans, and Eduardo turned on Jim and they ended up facing off with each other and during the conflict, wherein Jim put Eduardo through a metal pole and left him to die.

Theresa Walker comes in and gives Eduardo a mask that allows him to breathe in a strange gas that keeps him alive. The trailer shows that Walker then takes Eduardo to Hugo Strange (BD Wong) who ends up putting him through an agonizing process of altering his body that will continue to keep him alive and make him extremely powerful. As you might expect, Bane is going to go on a rampage of revenge!

When previously talking about Bane in an interview with CB, West said:

“What they did in Chris Nolan’s version I thought was a very cool idea. We do our own take on that with the mask which I personally absolutely love. You find out quickly, you’ve already seen one of the episodes, that this is something a little obviously different. It kinda grows into this. When he grows into this, you’ll see that he needs the mask. It’s not just the venom that’s coursing through his veins to pump him up and kind of keep him going. It’s almost, in our version, it’s he needs the mask to also breathe and live. It’s kind of more of a deformed, steampunk version of Eduardo Dorrance.”

Gotham‘s “I Am Bane” is set to air on Thursday, March 21st.

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