New “Results About You” Tool Makes It Easier to Remove Personal Info from Google Search

Google Search

Google has started to roll out a new tool that will make it more comfortable than ever to take down your phone number, email, and address from its search results.

The search engine goliath officially revealed this tool, called “Results about you,” in May and it is now live for some users, according to reports by 9to5Google. This tool is meant to replace Google’s existing process for removing certain personal details from its searches, but it can be slow and ineffective.

Right now, people can fill out a form asking to remove their information if it meets certain criteria. If search results pose a threat to someone’s safety, or specific personal information, such as their phone number, email address, or home address. The request is then reviewed by Google investigators who will determine if the data is in the public interest, newsworthy, or contains official content. Google will send the person an email explaining whether the appeal has been denied or accepted.

The new “Results about you” app hopes to make this process smoother by allowing users to request information removal while browsing Google. People who identify the information they want to remove from search results can submit a request simply by clicking the three-dot icon in the top-right corner of each result.

It is necessary for users to understand that if your request is given, that information is only terminated from Google searches. It will not be entirely wiped from the internet unless taken down by the hosting website.

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