New Rubik’s Cubes

New Rubik’s Cubes With Circular Spinning Dials – Like the Usual One Isn’t Hard Enough.

This is the $80 ROULETTE Wheel IQ Cube. It’s like a Rubik’s cube, but way more complicated because it has a wheel on each side. Wheels make things harder. Except driving, they actually make driving easier.

Anyway, this IQ Cube Challenge of IQ Brick, common in 6-Surface Cube, 6-color surface. The Most Difference and Special, Each Surface has a ROULETTE! That means, Not only to accomplish Each surface color but the ROULETTE Color and Sequence Number! Rotating in each Roulette Surface, Moving IQ Cube in each Direction, Different Solving Skills. So, is it still a Fancy IQ Cube? Or just a Cube that you know you will never assemble?

New Rubik's Cubes New Rubik's Cubes New Rubik's Cubes

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