New Season 9 Promo For THE WALKING DEAD Teases a Big Comic Book Moment


AMC has revealed a new mid-season 9 promo spot for The Walking Dead. It gives fans a closer look at the show’s upcoming villains, The Whisperers. This involves our first look at Alpha’s daughter Lydia and it teases a big moment from the comic book series.

The Whisperers is a real living people who are using the skin faces of walkers.

As for the comic book moment, the image above is the same as this panel from the comic book that you can see below. It comes from issue #132, when Dante finds himself in the woods engaged in a fight with, what he thought were, walkers. To his surprise, the character Alpha reveals herself as a human to him, takes aim with shotgun, and says “Don’t move.”

The series will return on Sunday, February 10th!



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