New Sensor Bracelet

New Sensor Bracelet


Now Touch Your Loved Ones From Anywhere With This New Sensor Bracelet.

The world has changed dramatically over the past few decades. We all live in a busy world where even dating has gone virtual which means you spend much time writing texts to your partner rather than meeting up. This virtual form of contact was once carried out by phone calls and before that a physical meeting. But now the technology has stepped ahead in expressing love for your loved ones thanks to this new wearable technology.

This new idea was created by Poland-based design studio Pangenerator, who named their new wearable wrist device tactile. So what this Tactilu does is that it allow the wearer to communicate remotely through the sense of touch. Powered by an Arduino Pro mini microcontroller and a custom PCB with a Bluetooth module, this device lets the wearers touch each other through haptic feedback. It will require a working internet connection or Bluetooth to pair up with your partner’s wearable device. Although it’s a pretty futuristic concept for now it will not be far for people to adapt to this phase of technology.

The design of this device is still under consideration. The final product will be much slimmer and comfortable. Watch the video below to see how it works.

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