New Species Of Tyrannosaurid Named Reaper of Death Discovered By Canadian Palaeontologist

Reaper of Death

Illustration by Julius Csotonyi

National Geographic recently revealed the news that a new species of tyrannosaurid has been identified in Canada. Jared Voris is the lead of a team that discovered the 26-foot long Thanatotheristes, aka the Reaper of Death in Greek. The Thanatotheristes degrootorum was alive roughly 79.5 million years ago before the rise of tyrannosaur power.

Voris spent two years investigating and studying some fossils at Alberta’s Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology. In light of this classification, he released the following statement:

“I tried to be really meticulous with identifying features that made it unique. It’s interesting to have the opportunity to name a new species—and I’m hoping it isn’t all downhill from here.”

This is brilliant news for dinosaur fans and now I’m hoping to see it in action in a new Jurassic Park movie and to name it Reaper of Death is just spot on.

Image by Jared Voris

Image by Jared Voris

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