New Steam Deck Third-Party Screen Comes With 1200p

 Steam Deck

FX Technology Limited aims to address the disappointment surrounding the Steam Deck’s 800p display resolution by offering a third-party solution. Their DeckHD, a 7-inch IPS display, features a Full HD+ resolution of 1920×1200 and a 95 percent sRGB coverage, a notable improvement over the Steam Deck’s display. It possesses similar specifications in terms of refresh rate (60Hz), screen brightness (400 nits), and anti-glare coating.

The battery life impact of the DeckHD display remains a concern, but the team plans to share findings regarding this aspect soon. Valve’s Steam Deck has faced criticism for its large bezels and LCD technology, but the company emphasizes the benefits of a larger screen for gaming experiences. Valve has the potential to enhance the screen in future versions of the Steam Deck, and in the meantime, FX Technology Limited’s display is expected to be available for around $99 through their website, with a waitlist for interested buyers.


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