New Technology Gadgets 2015

Back to the Future

New Technology Gadgets 2015 is packed with innovation beyond imagination, except said imagination is realer than ever and here for us to enjoy. Marty McFly and Doc must have had it right in Back to the Future because at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the biggest consumer tech show in the world, tech geeks and curious consumers got a glimpse of truly amazing new technology in the reel. In case you missed it, or if you simply want to be with it, here’s a low down of the following inventions that will be some of the best we’ll see over the course of the next 12 months.

ReSound LiNX Hearing Aid

ReSound LiNX Hearing Aid

For those who are hearing-impaired, the ReSound LiNX hearing aid is a manmade miracle. To keep to the theme of 2015, it’s a “smart wearable,” in which wearers can personalize their experience to their needs – this experience being a listening one. The buds link to a smart device where users control their preferences through a corresponding app, adjusting accordingly to their individual hearing ability and taking into consideration the surrounding environments. It’s small, it’s smart and it’s welcomed with wide-open ears, because everyone should be able to experience sound in full volume.


Ultimate Resolution Television

The 2014 holiday shopping season was infiltrated with super high resolution 4K TVs. But that wasn’t enough. Samsung introduced the next level up at CES – the 8K TV, as in a screen displaying 8,000 pixels (7680×4320 dimension), the highest definition possible, to date. Although it debuted right at the start of this 2015, the 8K will likely see more market infiltration in the later future. For now, 4K TVs seem to be a viable, better affordable option for the average shopper. Whether it’s 4K or 8K, Samsung currently offers the most choices for both in the TV scene, so eat your heart out movie fiends.

3D Food Printer

3D Food Printer

There are some people who love to cook and there are some people who hate it. With a 3D food printer, we’re moving closer and closer to solving any hunger problems for the non-chefs of world. Printing 3D objects has been an existing concept that’s increasingly accessible to the public – endless possibilities have been in the making. This year, contenders like XYZprinting showed promise for implementation into reality with a printer capable of creating cookies. And as the population becomes more reliant on automated machines doing the work, prepare for more 3D printing on the horizon featuring meals “printed” to exact calorie counts along with other items outside of sustenance. 

 94Fifty Smart Basketball

Smart Sports

Nerding out and sports… a harmonious pair? It must be 2015. Smart sports equipment like the 94Fifty Smart Basketball, a sensor-laced ball that records the speed, angle and timing of a shot, helps players adjust their movements to perfection and accuracy. The innovative technology will level the playing field for anybody who’s got competition brewing in the blood.   

Autonomous Cars

Intelligent, Autonomous Cars

Driving smart has always been good in theory. Well this year’s automotive world will fully embrace a better way to rule the road with a slew of smart cars. Leaders like BMW, Mercedes and Audi displayed smart-enabled vehicles during CES that were able to park themselves and avoid collisions, no humans required. The ultimate goal to try to be a bit pampered in life has started with this new kind of chauffeur. It just makes sense for an everyday task – well done 2015.

Parrot Bebop Drone


Remote control planes armed with video cameras aren’t only toys exclusive to the military anymore. Last year, drones entered the consumer marketplace and this year they are likely to really take flight based on all the “unmanned systems” exhibitors buzzing around during CES. One prominent drone to emerge is the FLYR1, which is capable of streaming recorded video online via smartphone. Drones like these are expected to appeal towards sports enthusiasts (think GoPro crowd) as well as customers who simply enjoy the recreation of flying their own camera in the sky. As expansion in the niche industry develops in 2015 it will pave way to the invention of an abundance of additional applicable consumer uses.

The future of technology is now. With smarter gadgets flooding the tech arena and innovations that amplify living past the essentials, we’ve been spoiled. But hey, who’s complaining right?

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