New TERMINATOR GENISYS Details And Time Machines Explained

Terminator Genisys

New details about the TERMINATOR GENISYS movie is released by /Film. They recently visited the set of the movie and learned many new things about the upcoming trilogy.

Genisys is one part of a self contained trilogy, with subsequent sequels being shot back-to-back over nine months. It’s a reimagining like J.J. AbramsStar Trek with an altered timeline. Genisys pulls heavily from the first two films, revisiting the same locations and wardrobe, but with a few new tweaks.

We will see time machines in 1984, 2017, and 2029 that are built with the tech available during the time period, giving each a unique look. Refrigeration of their components will be a common design thread.

The electromagnetic fields created by time travel will become a major story point.

Genisys digs into the idea of singularity, which might coincide with rumors about Matt Smith‘s character. Cyberdine has a large presence during the 2017 time period of the movie.

For more detailed information go to /Film.

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