New THE IRISHMAN Featurette Focuses on the VFX Tech Used to De-Age the Actors


Netflix has released a fascinating new featurette for director Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman. It gives us a unique inside look of the movie it also provides us with an informative behind-the-scenes look at the groundbreaking VFX tech that was used to de-age the actors in the movie.

The VFX for the movies was headed up by Industrial Light & Magic visual effects master Pablo Helman, and the way they have done the effects in The Irishman was complex than the way Marvel does it in their movies. There was a new software developed to handle the effects in the movie called Flux, and it was used in connection with a three-camera set-up which provided a digital re-creation of the actor’s younger faces. They were able to do this with tons of references from the older movies of the actors. Also, no facial markers were used.

It is hard work and many hours used to pull off these visual effects, and they did an incredible job! It’s not perfect; there are some points throughout the movie that don’t really look right and somewhat cartoonish, but then there are also scenes where the effects are brilliant and made us believe and forget the age of the actors.

It also has some great side-by-side comparisons in the video, that highlight the achievements of the VFX team.


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