New Video Game Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte

Coca-Cola has revealed a new video game-inspired flavor called Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte, and it’s supposed to taste like pixels. It’s all about tapping into the growing gaming market.

So what do pixels taste like? The company says it “makes the intangible taste of a pixel tangible, featuring bright elements upfront and a refreshing finish.”

Coke actually revealed “Byte” in the Fortnite video game in late March, on an island called “Pixel Point” where Fortnite gamers can play various mini-games within the game. Coke will also be using pixelated labels on Byte products to give gamers phone access to an AR game.

Last month the company reported its limited-edition flavor Coca-Cola Starlight, the flavor of which was “inspired by space,” and it showed that space apparently tastes like cotton candy.

It’s available only in a two-pack and it will cost you $15.

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