New Video Shows What The iPhone 8 Might Look Like in Shiny white

iPhone 8 White

New iPhone will come in September, we’ve already seen plenty of iPhone 8 concept images and videos.

Now, a new concept video, created by Thiago M Duarte and Ran Avni and published on YouTube by ConceptsiPhone, gives us a detailed look at what an iPhone that’s all screen on the front might look in white.

The concept adheres to some of the rumors about the upcoming iPhone; for example, it shows the fingerprint scanner under the glass of a nearly bezel-less screen. But it snuffs others; the rear camera, for instance, is positioned horizontally instead of vertically, contrary to recent reports.

Will the next iPhone really look like this, and will there even be a white version? We don’t know for sure but for time being check out this fantasy video in white.

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