New Ways to Enjoy the Traditional Monopoly Game

Walking Dead Version Of Monopoly

We’ve seen many variations on the traditional Monopoly board over the years, including the renaming of the various properties to modernise the game or customise it to different cities. You may or may not feel strongly about that particular process, but you’ll definitely have an opinion on the Monopoly slot – the latest way to enjoy this classic board game!

Like all incarnations of the Monopoly game, Monopoly slot also has lots of different versions catering to every level of experience. The simplest of these slots is the Monopoly Multiplier slot, which has just three reels and an unconventional way of winning. Just match three symbols, one on each reel, to win, and take advantage of the special multiplier as well.

If you like five-reel slots, you’ll love Monopoly Pass Go. It offers the excitement of five reels and is easy on your bank balance with a fully-adjustable coin level so you don’t spend much per spin. It also has a fantastic set of bonuses; the Community Chest instant reward bonus, and the Pass Go Monopoly game.

But if you want to try the classic Monopoly slot, start with Monopoly Here and Now. This game is a five-reel, twenty-payline slot that has the Monopoly board game featured in its bonus. To initiate the bonus, simply roll three Board Bonus symbols on an active payline and it will begin by giving you a choice from three sets of dice. This choice will determine how many rolls of the dice you get when you move to the board game. Aim for the ‘Free Parking’ square to maximise your dollars, try to Pass Go and avoid jail at all costs!

The next step up from Monopoly Here and Now is the Monopoly Plus game, which takes social climbing to a new level. Essentially they are the same game, but Monopoly Plus gives you the opportunity to work your way up the ladder and you’ll receive better prizes as you do so.

For those who like the thrill of chasing a progressive jackpot, Monopoly Megajackpots is the game for you. Because it’s so popular, the progressive prize on this slot grows exceptionally quickly and you also have the fun of playing Monopoly – it’s the best of both worlds!

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