New Xbox Will Be Called Xbox Series X, Video and Images Revealed

Xbox Series X

The new Xbox, which was previously codenamed Project Scarlett, will be called Xbox Series X. The gaming console itself was also shown, as well as a trailer for the newly announced Senua’s Saga: Hellbade 2 from developer Ninja Theory, which Head of Xbox Phil Spencer said was created to take advantage of the new system’s raw power.

Spencer also said Microsoft’s 15 first-party studios were working on “the largest and most creatively diverse lineup of exclusive games in our history.”

About the new console’s controller, Spencer told Gamespot, “We do have a share button. We’ve heard the feedback. We’re not the first ones to do a share button, so we’re not going to say that we invented that, but we’ve heard feedback that sharing is such a part of a gaming experience now for many of our players that I wanted a dedicated hardware button to share, so you’ll see that. We’ll still have all the rumble triggers and haptic feedback that you’ve had in the console before.” Meanwhile, its size is described by Gamespot, who got to see it up close, as follows: “Series X’s square footprint is roughly as wide as an Xbox One controller and (again, roughly) three times as tall.”

The Xbox Series X will release Holiday 2020, but no further details about the price and specs were given at the event.

Microsoft previously revealed it will be on par with competitors in power and will support Play Anywhere – there’s also still news that a second Xbox model may already be in the planning stage.

Xbox Series X Xbox Series X

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