Nicolas Cage Explained Why He Took “Crummy” Movie Roles

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and versatile actors of our time. He has won numerous awards and accolades throughout his career, including an Academy Award for his outstanding performance in “Leaving Las Vegas.” However, there was a time when it seemed like he was taking on any movie role that was thrown at him, regardless of the quality of the script or the size of the paycheck.

Many people wondered why Cage was taking on these kinds of roles, and rumors started to spread that it was because he was in debt. This seemed crazy to many of his fans, given that he had been such a successful actor for so long. However, it turns out that the rumors were true. In a recent interview with 60 Minutes, Cage admitted that he did take on “crummy” roles to get out of debt.

Cage explained that he had made some poor financial decisions in the past, including buying several mansions, a private island, and a collection of exotic cars. He also had to pay millions in back taxes, which put a significant strain on his finances. To make matters worse, Cage went through a messy divorce that cost him millions of dollars in settlements.

In order to pay off his debts, Cage had to take on as many movie roles as possible, even if they were not the best projects. He said that he would take on any role that came his way, as long as it paid enough money to help him get out of debt. While some of these films were successful, many of them were critical and commercial failures, which hurt Cage’s reputation as an actor.

Despite his financial struggles, Cage continued to work hard and improve his craft. In recent years, he has appeared in a number of critically acclaimed films, such as “Mandy” and “Pig,” which have cemented his reputation as a talented and dedicated actor. While he may have taken on some questionable roles in the past, Cage remains a beloved figure in the entertainment industry, thanks to his unique style and undeniable talent.

“I was over-invested in real estate. The real estate market crashed, and I couldn’t get out in time. I paid them all back, but it was about $6 million. I never filed for bankruptcy.”

Cage shared that this was “dark” period in his life, but taking on those jobs kept him afloat and allowed him to get rid of his debt. He added:

“Work was always my guardian angel. It may not have been blue chip, but it was still work. Even if the movie ultimately is crummy, they know I’m not phoning it in, that I care every time.”

While some of the movies he starred in weren’t that good, I like the fact that he put real effort into his work. This wasn’t the only time that Cage talked about his rough financial situation. In 2022 he told GQ:

“When I was doing four movies a year, back to back to back, I still had to find something in them to be able to give it my all. They didn’t work, all of them. Some of them were terrific, like Mandy, but some of them didn’t work. But I never phoned it in. So if there was a misconception, it was that. That I was just doing it and not caring. I was caring.”

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