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We heard a lot about Online Gaming and how addictive and how good it is .. alright we can’t really use addictive and good in the same sentence. Honestly, no addiction can be good, just as there are no selfless deeds. Anyway, we went on the rampage of finding a good gaming site. First, we thought “How hard can it be ?” Right. Well, it turns out to be very hard. Most of the sites are just broken down right shady or we got the feeling that now we are in the back allies of Hong Kong once again. But those dark and very shady scripts on the pages scared us the least.

After an extensive search, we found some good ones. Our favorites were the British sites. Like all British things. We don’t wanna fire a debate about all things British but face it, we like their Accent, Movies, TV, Writing, Theater (Not IMAX), and Fish And Chips :).

We did play a lot of games on Facebook and all but let’s face it that’s a lot of work in those games constantly asking for resources and items and all and they actually build those games like that to be social so people can interact but when you start posting “ADD ME ” requests and start adding people Facebook ban you and put sanctions on you.

But hey That’s how they build the games to add new people I can’t go to the office and convince my folks their to start playing some game they think I have gone coo-coo so we have to find similar people with interest and then Facebook comes in all its glory and prompt “Friend requests are for connecting with people you know well, like classmates, friends, family, and coworkers. Please don’t send this friend request unless you know this person personally” WTH? It’s up to them if they accept me they can reject me of their own free will, It’s not like my Profile Picture is holding their kids with a gun to the head !!! Stop being our mother!

We also like these COKE ZERO GAMING ZONE and the site they have some really cool games as well, took a while to load but was a lot of fun there is a COKE ZERO game too which you should give it a try.

Top 5 Online Games Courtesy YouTube

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