Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pass Price Unveiled

Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pass

At the September Nintendo Direct, it was unveiled that Nintendo 64 and SEGA Genesis games will be released to Nintendo Switch Online via a new tier of the subscription service which is called an Expansion Pass. No details about pricing were announced. Now, we have prices and we have a date because of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct. First, the new tier will be available on October 25. For one year, individual membership will cost $49.99 while a family membership will cost $79.99. Now, we did get to know that the new ACNH DLC Happy Home Paradise will also be added.

Most fans were expecting a $10 increase while wishing for only $5. The reality more than doubles current subscription rates. This is a huge bummer given the details that we currently have. We’re not getting very much at launch and lately, Nintendo has really been lacking in adding more content to NSO. This clearly is making many fans say “nope” right away. Combine that with subpar online experiences that many fans encounter and it really does feel like Nintendo is screwing the fans.

Now, if you wanted to play these games, the only option available to you is to either own the cartridges and consoles or to buy them for roughly $10 on Wii U’s Virtual Console. Sadly, the Wii U was a lousy selling unit and so very few actually own one. Plus, that’s a pretty high-cost upfront assuming they have all the games that you want available.

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