Nintendo Switch Retro-Inspired Wireless Controllers Are Brilliant

Funstock Retro

Nintendo is launching their own versions of different style gameplays for Switch with their Labo options, There is another company is providing the controllers that many gamers would like for the comfort and nostalgia reasons. 8Bitdo is building retro-inspired wireless controllers that are compatible with the Nintendo Switch.

You can buy them from Funstock Retro. The top versions of the controllers are the best in my opinion.

The N30 Arcade Stick gives you the best arcade style gaming controls to your favorite latest games. Programmable keys allow a customized set-up, while the unit is fully mod-able for those who want to take things further. The 18 hour battery life is simply incredible and they are rechargeable which means that you can beat up your opponents without losing power.

The other one is the NES Style N30 controller. It is exactly like the classic NES controller, but with the added trigger buttons on top, that is rechargeable and able to be control majority of the Nintendo Switch’s classic games – it is also compatible with the Classic NES.

The top and the third option is the classic controller, is the SF30 Pro Controller. It is designed to be like the Super Nintendo controller and added analog sticks for modern gaming and for easier operation, this controller gives the feel of playing the games from your childhood while keeping up with the styles of today in order to play on the Nintendo Switch. With a rechargeable battery, this is the one I loved and want to have one for myself.

On the site, you will have many controllers which cover a wide variety of controllers with many styles and options but above mentioned three controllers are for most gamers that grew up playing Nintendo consoles.

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