Nissan’s Star Wars X-Wing Rogue SUV is Out Of This Universe

Nissan’s Star Wars X-Wing Rogue SUV

Nissan launched a Star Wars-themed version of its Rogue SUV that capitalizes on its name’s relation to Star Wars, and Rogue One in particular.

The full-size modified vehicle adds exterior ‘engines’ and a custom paint job to create a Rogue SUV.

Nissan also added fake weathering and scoring to the paint job, You can also see the R2 unit poking out the top.

The X-Wing Rogue debuted at the Chicago Auto Show this week, along with two limited edition Star Wars variants of the Rogue, which basically include special decals, badging and a full-size Death Trooper helmet for collectors. I love to go to the Auto Show just to see these beauties up close and personal.

Nissan’s Star Wars X-Wing Rogue SUV

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