No Cable? Here’s What to Watch with an Internet Connection on Your IPTV


Are you done paying those crazy prices for 4 minute long commercial breaks? Here’s what to watch just with your TV and an internet connection.

Let’s be honest. The cable is an added expense that most people can’t afford these days. And wading in two to four minutes of commercials between shows is almost as worse. So, people look for alternative entertainment solutions.

An Internet connection and an IPTV opens to a world of great entertainment possibilities.

IPTV has a lock on the future of television. It’s having the benefit of watching your favorite television programming using internet protocol.

That’s right. You can ditch your old cable boxes and weather-sensitive satellite TV. Your favs are a basic internet connection away.

If you’re interested in watching the best streaming shows on television, read on. Here’s what to watch with TV and an internet connection.


With a smart IPTV, you can binge-watch all your current and past favorite shows on Netflix. Daredevil is one of them.

If you’re a Marvel aficionado-you basically know and love everything Marvel-watch Daredevil. Its backstory tells about Matt Murdock-legal eagle by day and Daredevil by night.

Blinded in a childhood accident, he uses his senses at night to protect the streets of New York. His dilemma? His alter ego divides his life. Matt’s forced to fight for the criminal system during the day.

But at night, he turns vigilante to protect the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood from evil threats. This amazing show is in its third season. It’s also one of the most highly-acclaimed shows on internet TV.

The Handmade’s Tale 

This adaptation from Margaret Atwood’s 1985 classic novel, is an internet breaker on Hulu.

The Handmade’s Tale series follows the book’s storyline. Based on the totalitarian society of Gilead, women must submit to sexual servitude. Their only rights are that of childbirth.

The plot thickens as Elisabeth Moss (Offred) fights to survive the horrific world she in. She’s forced to bear a child for Joseph Fiennes (The Commander) but things take a turn.

This Golden Globe Award-winning show details her plight to find the daughter taken away from her.

The New Yorker Presents

Okay, remember the guy in his underwear playing the guitar on the corners of NY? The New Yorker sure did. And they put a series together on Amazon Prime with him in an episode.

The New Yorker Magazine is all about bizarre news, stories, memoirs, and more. They’ve managed to take all that bizarre spice and put it in a documentary to entertain the world.

Packed with drama and comedy, The New Yorker dishes it out like only they can.

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

Just when you thought you were over it with adaptations. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries comes along. This web-based hit ran on Youtube for 100 episodes, and it’s still a favorite.

The show is a birth-off of the novel Pride and Justice by Jane Austen but takes a creative spin. Watch the series as Lizzie vlogs about life changes with the support of friends and family.

The Yard is What to Watch on the Internet

If you have a pre-teen, they’ll love you for getting an internet connection and an IPTV for this show. The yard is the cutest soprano-ized version of the cartoon Recess on internet tv.

Watch on Hulu as elementary kids take on the schoolyard politics of grade school. It’s a mock of a documentary and full of moxie and dramedy.

Bill Nye Saves the World 

Remember Bill Nye the Science Guy? Well, he’s back with another amazing show on Netflix. Bill Nye Saves the World is a science show packed with lived action and the wonders of science.

The series stars Emmy-Award winning Bill Nye as he hosts science experts and celebrity guests. He turns his lab into a talk show and explores elements of science that are life-changing.

Bill tackles climate change, games, and medicine-all from a scientific point of view. The show’s in its third season and is still making waves across the internet.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

If you thought no one could do it better than Jim Carey, think again. Neil Patrick Harris shows off his acting chops in the Netflix remake of A Series of Unfortunate Events.

The storyline bases itself off a collection of Lemony Snicket’s, or Daniel Handler’s, children’s books. Three wealthy children find themselves as orphans when their parents mysteriously die. The series follows them as they try to survive their greedy guardian, Count Olaf.

He’ll do anything to get his hands on their fortune.

Tumble Leaf

Calling all preschoolers or parents of! Amazon Video nailed it with this cute and educational series for small children

A little blue fox by the name of Fig lives in the make-believe world of Tumble Leaf. He shares a peek into his journey as he and his friends show us how things work. They explore topics like flight and motion while teaching lessons at the same time.

Give the kids a shot at sitting down and binge-watching all four seasons.

Other Space

Yahoo has Yahoo TV and a hit series called Other Space. The show is a science fiction parody of Star Trek. It stars well-known actors and actresses Neil Casey and Milana Vayntrub.

The crew ventures out into the universe exploring the unknown. They take on comedic storylines like Ted Talks and running out of fuel and food in outer space. The first season ran for eight episodes and received positive reviews.

The Thick of It

If you’re a fan of British Comedy, you’ll love The Thick of It on Hulu. This British, political comedy features politicians who take on public relations and the media.

Peter Capaldi gives viewers a good dose of laughter with his antics in each episode. Connect to the internet and watch all four seasons.


If you want to get in on what to watch on television, modernize your household with the internet.

Say goodbye to the spacious cables boxes and satellite tv headaches. Upgrade to IPTV and enjoy the best in television and the movies.

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