No Man’s Sky Endurance Update Overhauls Freighters And Fleets

No Man's Sky Endurance Update

No Man’s Sky Endurance will rebuild freighters and fleets in Hello Games’ new update.

It will come out alongside No Man’s Sky’s six-year anniversary, the update will let you live and work your home in the stars aboard with your crew. One of the main standout features is a new bridge that offers quality-of-life improvements, such as instant access to warping and teleportation. You’ll also be able to build vast bases with specially-themed areas and new features for producing food and manufacturing. There’s also new technology to let you scan and analyze planets from space.

Three will also be new combat-focused Nexus missions and a new expedition called Polestar to try, focusing on a capital ship voyage.

“One of the most striking changes is to asteroids in space which are now more varied and appear in vast fields, with thousands on screen at once,” Hello Games founder Sean Murray explains in a press release. “There are new interstellar-style black holes, nebulae, and space atmospherics to explore.

“Travellers can enjoy these new incredible space vistas from windows and portholes, which they can now build on their freighters. Players can also build exterior sections to their freighters for increased flexibility, or simply to admire the universe from.”

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