Nobody is Signing the Petition for BACK TO THE FUTURE PART IV

Back To The Future

The remakes and reboots and sequels are in fashion these days and in this world do we really need another one from a classic 80s movie? Well, one fan hopes to get Universal Pictures’ attention with a petition he started to get a fourth Back To The Future movie and to my shock no one is signing it.

While there’s hope in the air for the upcoming Ghostbusters sequel, there’s really no point for a new Back to the Future movie. The original trilogy was awesome and it gave us a full and brilliant story that included a lovely conclusion that doesn’t need to be added onto.

Even the director of the original movie, Robert Zemekis, has said a fourth film is not needed at all, and apparently, the fans agree. Mason Carr started his “Make Back to the Future 4 Happen” petition six days ago and he has a goal of getting a 100 signatures. Well, as of writing this, the number of people who have signed it is 15. So, the fans of the franchise have spoken.

The petition reads:

It has been almost 30 years since the last Back To The Future movie came out, and almost 35 years since the first movie came out. Like how Ghostbusters is getting a new sequel next year that is gonna be connected to the original films, could we see this happen for Back To The Future? Robert Zemeckis, the director of the Back To The Future franchise said the 4th movie can’t be done. but Christopher Lloyd said that he wants to see a new sequel. Should Universal Pictures from back the Back To The Future franchise for one more movie? i bet alot of die hard fans of the franchise want a 4th film as well. and with the return of the DMC DeLorean company, that might increase the chances of a 4th film happening. If you want a 4th Back To The Future movie, just sign and support this petition and we might see it happen.

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