Not Even In Hollywood: Lingo Bingo Literally Making It Up


We all know what it’s like when a movie becomes a hit. There are calls from production companies for a follow-up, and before we know it there is around a million Fast & Furious movies and more Screams than a trip round Islands of Adventure. Then we get the franchise and before we know it the movie is everywhere.

Hollywood has almost become predictable, with a safe movie after safe movie being released by major studios. We’ve seen this with the latest trend the Minions, and let’s face it, we’re getting a little bit bored of them now. Yes, Despicable Me and the sequel were good, but do we need The Minions?

Ladbrokes’ Lingo Bingo has taken a stand against these. And they haven’t stopped with movies either.

The Lingo Bingo generator has taken a stance against the click-bait headlines, exaggerated titles, and the random, pointless posts we put up with on a daily basis and come up with a fun way to make a mockery.

Poking fun at The Daily Mail, Buzzfeed, Facebook, and Reddit, on top of the movies that are likely to next hit the silver screen, it offers users to select dozens of pre-made headlines. Something With Minions and Batman vs Aquaman vs Spiderman both mock the rejigged versions of popular films which regularly come out to make more money at the box office, whilst The Daily Mail’s Kim Kardashian Does Something… headline almost perfectly sums up the overhyped world of celebrity the tabloids take.

Users can add their own suggestions to the generator, and share it on social media. And who knows, they could fool the world into thinking they really are going to make another Jack and Jill starring Adam Sandler!

Well, you can at least try…

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