Now Achieve Superhero Strength With These Grand Theft Auto V PC Mods


I knew as soon as GTA for PC will hit the markets mods will pumping out all sort of crazy stuff. So far we have seen superhero abilities and some tweaks in the game. There are more to come specially car and plane mods, I am a fan of seeing real life cars in GTA games and GTA 5 will be no exception.


A brief warning: tread lightly with GTA V PC mods. Word is that you can get banned for using them online. Single player should be OK, but you never know.

This Lingon’s super power “trainer” mod is for you if you want to feel like a Hulk and love to smash and throw vehicles around. It grants you super strength and super speed, meaning that you can zip around on the legs of a thousand tubby, middle-aged gangsters and punch cars into the stratosphere. There’s no 1000-ft leaping or flying yet, but this is a damn amusing start.

Here’s a video highlighting super strength from CooljunkGaming:

And here’s a video with more speed from from taltigolt:

Via: Kotaku

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