Now You Can Delete Your Internet Presence By Pressing This Button

Delete Your Internet Presence

The internet is necessary these days and it can be a beautiful and a horrible place at the same time, and if you decide to leave the internet — there’s wasn’t an easy way out, until now.

Swedish developers Wille Dahlbo and Linus Unnebäck created, which offers a way to wipe your entire existence off the internet in a few clicks. Seems like a scene from a movie like we have seen in Enemy Of The State starring Will Smith.

When logging into the website with a Google account it scans for apps and services you’ve created an account for, and creates a list of them with easy delete links.

Every account it finds gets paired with an easy delete link pointing to the unsubscribe page for that service. Within in a few clicks you’re freed from it, and depending on how long you need to work through the entire list, you can be account-less within the hour. Seems like a good idea after seeing the president-elect.

Visit the link below for more instructions and details.


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