Now Online Subscriptions Beat The Cable TV Subscriptions

remote control interacting with smart television

The MPAA recently released very exciting data that shows that for the first time ever, people are enjoying watching media online than on the regular cable TV. The data says that there are now 613.3 million subscribers to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime all over the world. Meanwhile, only 556 million people are subscribed to cable worldwide. An important note though is that cable still produces more money than the digital platforms. In addition, roughly 52% of media consumption in America is via a digital platform.

All I can think if this trend is going to last as several consumers are getting sick of everyone and the battle of the giants and to be honest I am getting tired of it too, too much choice is not always good things and now with a growing number of online streaming providers this is getting out of hand and too much money out of pocket for online content. I imagine the trend will continue for a few years, but I do question the durability as we enter an era with a million streaming services that will be required to watch content and with their original content. What do you think?

Via: THR

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