Now Sort Your LEGO By Size With This Vacuum Cleaner Attachment


Matty Benedetto of the laughable self-explanatory parody products site Unnecessary Inventions made a LEGO vacuum cleaner attachment that sorts bricks by size. Benedetto named this special device “The Lego Suck It!™?”, the name of which was inspired by Michael Scott of The Office.

The Lego Suck It!™? The world’s first vacuum powered LEGO cleanup device that automatically sorts each brick by its individual size.

The Lego Suck It!™? features 3 separate chambers that sift bricks according to size. Every chamber sports a single color and is connected magnetically to the other chambers.

This vibrant cleaning accessory features a multi-stage chamber that magnetically separates for quick organization of your favorite toy bricks. The high suction vacuum will ensure every brick is sucked up from your floors and swiftly deposited into the clear tube as each lego piece cascade down and get sorted into their different sizes. So when things get messy, just SUCK IT!

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