Now Stash Your Booze And Stay Warm At The Sametime


When you need your booze, you need your booze. If you need constant hydration throughout the day, then you need to get the Drinking Jacket. It lets you do away with bags, man purses, and booze carriers because it has not one, not two, not three, but twelve dedicated pockets, holders, and accessories for all of your boozing needs.

The Drinking Jacket is a feature-packed hoodie and the ultimate accessory for anyone who consumes liquids! This high-quality hoodie will help you open, transport and consume the beverage of your choice. The Drinking Jacket is so cozy and comfortable, it’s destined to be your favorite hoodie. But, besides keeping you warm, it will also keep your drinks cold! It has a built-in bottle opener,neoprene koozie pocket, hidden flask pocket, drinking mitts, sunglass holder and many other features to make this the best drinking jacket ever!

Get It: $85

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