Now You Can Play 2500 Classic MS-DOS Games For Free

Microsoft Flight Simulator Dos

The Internet Archive is beneficial for more than just seeing how confusing your old Kotaku posts were. It’s also home to a lot of classic PC games, and 2500 new ones have just joined the site’s catalog.

There’s certainly a load of bad games among that number, but there are also some really cool games included, like Alone in the Dark, the PC port of the original WipeoutInternational Sensible SoccerThe Elder Scrolls: Redguard,  Night TrapMicrosoft Flight SimulatorLoomCannon FodderB-17 Flying FortressDescent, and the first two Ultima Underworld games.

That’s some great stuff, and it’s all free to play on the website right now, no download needed. You just head here, click on a game and get there you go, it runs through Dosbox right in the browser, how cool and simple is that! Happy gaming.


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