Nuking the Fridge in Indiana Jones 4 Spielberg took the blame

Indiana Jones 4

Steven Spielberg appeared at a special screening of Raiders of the Lost Ark at Cinerama Dome in Los Angeles last night, and eventually the topic of the less than stellar sequel came up, and the iconic director finally fessed up that the atomic bomb gag was completely his fault. Via

Spielberg caught saying:

“I know in Indy 4, you didn’t buy the refrigerator and the atomic bomb… I know! I know! But we tried! We tried! I was pushing the envelope! By the way, I take FULL responsibility for that — that was COMPLETELY my idea! Even Harrison said to me: ‘Nobody is going to buy this!‘”

SlashFilm cites a New York Times article from 2012 which has George Lucas saying that Spielberg has tried to take responsibility for nuking the fridge in order to protect him, because he gets enough shit for ruining Star Wars already. The article says:

When I [The New York Times writer] told Lucas that Spielberg had accepted the blame for nuking the fridge, he looked stunned. “It’s not true,” he said. “He’s trying to protect me.”

In fact, it was Spielberg who “didn’t believe” the scene. In response to Spielberg’s fears, Lucas put together a whole nuking-the-fridge dossier. It was about six inches thick, he indicated with his hands. Lucas said that if the refrigerator were lead-lined, and if Indy didn’t break his neck when the fridge crashed to earth, and if he were able to get the door open, he could, in fact, survive. “The odds of surviving that refrigerator — from a lot of scientists — are about 50-50,” Lucas said.

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