NVIDIA RTX A2000 GPU With Real-Time Ray Tracing


NVIDIA has unveiled its new RTX A2000 GPU, which is specifically designed to bring RTX technology to more professionals giving a small form factor that outfits more desktops while still allowing the acceleration of artificial intelligence and ray tracing for design workflows. The new NVIDIA RTX A2000 is NVIDIA’s most compact and power-efficient GPU to date and is available in a broad-ranging of standard and smaller form factors ideal for workstations.

The NVIDIA RTX A2000 GPU is outfitted with 6 GB of memory with error correction code (ECC) for enhanced reliability and accuracy and links the latest-generation RT Cores, Tensor Cores, and CUDA cores giving a great low-profile dual-slot GPU for professionals. “The RTX A2000 is designed for everyday workflows, so professionals can develop photorealistic renderings, build physically accurate simulations and use AI-accelerated tools. With it, artists can create beautiful 3D worlds, architects can design and virtually explore the next generation of smart buildings and homes, and engineers can create energy-efficient and autonomous vehicles that will drive us into the future.”

Features of the NVIDIA RTX A2000 GPU soon to be available via NVIDIA’s global distribution partners during October 2021 that include:

– Second-Generation RT Cores: Real-time ray tracing for all professional workflows. Up to 5x the rendering performance from the previous generation with RTX on.
– Third-Generation Tensor Cores: Available in the GPU architecture to enable AI-augmented tools and applications.
– CUDA Cores: Up to 2x the FP32 throughput of the previous generation for significant increases in graphics and compute workloads.
– Up to 6GB of GPU Memory: Supports ECC memory, the first time that NVIDIA has enabled ECC memory in its 2000 series GPUs, for error-free computing.
– PCIe Gen 4: Double the throughput with more than 40 percent bandwidth improvement from the previous generation for accelerating data paths in and out of the GPU.

“The small form factor and low power usage of the NVIDIA RTX A2000 are extraordinary and ensures fitment in just about any existing workstation chassis,” said Ken Grothman, virtual design and construction manager at Gilbane Building Company.”

“Introducing RT Cores into the NVIDIA RTX A2000 has resulted in impressive rendering speedups for photorealistic visualization compared to the previous generation GPUs,” said Steven Blevins, director of Digital Practice at Cuhaci & Peterson.”

Price or worldwide availability has not been released as yet by NVIDIA.

Source: NVIDIA

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